Thanh Lanh Golf Club: Nature's masterpiece

Thanh Lanh Golf Club

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Thanh Lanh Golf Course is Nick Faldo's next masterpiece in Vietnam, with design features imbued with the legend's personal imprint. The yard is surrounded by diverse natural landscapes of mountains, valleys, lakes, opening an isolated but equally peaceful space nestled at the foot of Tam Dao mountain.
Thanh Lanh golf course has a standard 18-hole design spanning a total area of 73 hectares, a total course length of 7000 yards divided into 5 separate tee boxes to suit the level and needs of golfers at many different levels. . It can be said that this is a rather special golf course in the form of a links golf course but has the style of hills, valleys and lakes.
Moreover, Thanh Lanh yard is cleverly combined between nature and buildings. The elements of the natural landscape are fully exploited during the construction process to bring the most perfect experience to the players.
Here, the bunkers are modeled after the shape of mountains with relative depth, steep walls. The fairways are steep and bumpy to help create more conquering inspiration for golfers. Not only that, the fairway area of the course is also large, the average width is from 30 to 60 yards. This design helps golfers freely create beautiful swings.
At Thanh Lanh course, golfers will be supported by a team of knowledgeable and experienced caddy at the course ready to give maximum support to have the best experience.
Impressive landscape, diverse services, constantly developing and expanding, surely, Thanh Lanh golf course will become a destination chosen by many golfers.

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? Central America, Binh Xuyen, Vinh Phuc
☎️ 086 215 8989 | 02113 555 189


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