Titleist Tips | Justin Thomas' Driver Fairway Finder


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In major championship golf, players often say that the most important club is the driver. The courses, like the host of the 2020 U.S. Open, Winged Foot Golf Club, are long, with narrow strips of fairway bordered by punishing, deep rough. The greens are fast, undulating and well guarded by deep bunkers, steep run-offs and even more thick rough. The advantage in playing approach shots from the fairway can't be overstated - it's often the only realistic way to make par.

To find fairways under the pressure of major competition, top players like Titleist brand ambassador Justin Thomas have developed a go-to shot, a shot with predictable flight and shape that they can rely on when accuracy is at a premium. In this video, Titleist staff member and TPI co-founder Dave Phillips describes the low cut that Justin uses when missing the fairway is not an option.

Take a page from Dave's (and Justin's) book, and develop your own go-to shot with the driver. It will serve you well when you play difficult courses and whenever you face high-pressure situations.

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